13 februari, 2024

Greenman Monthly Press no 1 – 2024

Jenny has the floor

Just like in Norway when you send money with your phone, it said Vips and here I am, and we’re already in February. I hope you’ve had a good start to the year. Ours has been quite okay, and we’re looking forward
to the year ahead with confidence.
During the first quarter, we plan to launch new products, and we would like your help in letting us know if there is anything missing from our range. Any suggestions for greener alternatives that you would like to
have are welcome, so that we can offer you an even wider range. Machine model or original article number is the most convenient. For a few weeks here in January and February, we have Sofia Jarl on
an internship at Greenman, you can read more about her a little further down. We will temporarily disconnect for a few hours for an internal. Sustainability workshop on Friday, 16/2, but we will be back in full swing after lunch.

Thanks to everyone who kept their fingers crossed for us regarding ”Årets Miljöföretag i Norrköping”
(Environmental Company of the Year in Norrköping). We won, and we are incredibly proud of that, of course. Now it’s the Friendly Week, yesterday was Valentine’s Day, I hope you spent it with friends and loved ones! This week give someone a hug, if you both want to, of course! Give that compliment to your colleague, friend, and an even bigger challenge to the stranger you meet in town. A compliment can make an incredible difference and spread joy and is completely free and hardly time-consuming. Now it’s the sports holiday weeks in Sweden, but can’t we agree that after that, spring can come? 😉

Wishing you all a continued nice Friendly Week!

Warm regards & hugs (if you want one 😉)/ Jenny

Sofia Jarl – student at Linköping University

Since a week back, we have Sofia with us at Greenman. She is in her third year of the
Environmental Science bachelor’s program at Linköping University in Norrköping.
Sofia is currently doing a five-week internship with us, helping us review our sustainability efforts. She is
looking at suitable environmental management systems and will also be leading a workshop on sustainable development both at the corporate level and at the individual level.
Originally from Linköping, Sofia now lives in Norrköping. She loves cats and is currently a foster home for two little rascals at six months old who don’t give her or her flowers a moment’s peace. 😋.
In the future, Sofia hopes to work for a sustainable future, something that is close to her heart.
We are both happy and proud that Sofia has chosen to do her internship with us at Greenman and really
hope that she enjoys it and finds it worthwhile.

Five Quick Questions with Sofia

  1. Your best tip for well-being?
    Surround yourself with people you like and pet an
    animal as often as you get the chance.
  2. Latest SMS?
    Personal, but with my dear sister <3
  3. What’s the best thing about Greenman?
    Lovely bunch and the chocolate from the coffee
  4. What can’t you live without?
    Hot chocolate.
  5. What do you do in your free time?
    I spend time with friends, watch series, walk in the
    forest, hang out in the stable, and foster cats.

Sustainability Workshop for Staff 16/2 at 9-13

On Friday, February 16th, Greenman will dedicate the morning to internal Sustainability work under the guidance of our intern, Sofia. We will look at what we are doing well, what we could improve, and
how we can better the environment. We will also be visited by Stefan from SIS Miljömärkning, who will give us a thorough lesson on everything related to the Svanen certification and what it entails. Have
you seen their videos with products that are ”sour” for not being Svanen certified? They’re so funny!
This means we won’t be answering the phone until after lunch at 1 PM, but feel free to email us at info@greenman.se and we’ll respond as soon as we’re back! Orders can be placed as usual through the shop or via email, and we’ll get them out before the end of the day. 😊