2 juni, 2024

Greenmans Monthly Press 3 – 2024

Jenny has the floor

Hello everyone,
Finally, we have warm and lovely weather, but I almost think Sweden
skipped spring this year. I’m definitely not complaining about the heat;
it’s the perfect excuse to eat ice cream and go swimming.
Last time, I left you with a bit of a cliffhanger about my trip to our
industry meeting in Brussels, but sometimes things don’t go as
planned. Oscar, who has been with us for over six years, is moving
south in Sweden to be closer to his family. While we at Greenman
find this sad, it is a wise decision since family always comes first. This
led to the announcement for a new internal sales star, and what a
star we found! Emelie started on May 10th, and you’ll get to know her
better further down in this issue of Greenman’s Monthly Press. That’s
why there was no trip to Brussels, as I felt I only had one chance with
Emelie’s onboarding.
A not-so-favorite repeat in April, another firmware-update was released affecting the HP ink series 903, 913, 953, 973. If your customers have automatic updates on their printers, this is the reason our cartridge isn’t working, and they might receive an error message. Please contact our customer service, and we will take back the cartridge and send out a new one.
We will be closed at Greenman during week 29 this summer. We hope this won’t cause too much inconvenience for you, and we will remind you a couple of times before then.
If you’re passing by Norrköping or want to stop for a stretch or a cup of coffee, you’re always welcome to visit us here at Greenman. Office dogs are quite common, at least in the building our facilities are in. Since last week we have two Office-cats named Aston and Norris. So, if you’re allergic to cats, please prepare with allergymedicine if you want to come into my office.

Missing a product in our range?
Please inform us via email if you encounter any issues. If you provide us with the printer model or the original item number, we will notify you when it becomes available in our inventory. Additionally, if you can give us a
forecast of how much of the item you sell, it will help us maintain the appropriate stock levels. When selling printers, remember to choose a model that fits your customer’s needs and already has a Greenman
Eco Original toner available. This will benefit you, your customer, and the environment! You can reach us at 004611 180222 or info@greenman.se. Thank you for your assistance!
Wishing you all a wonderful Midsummer and a relaxing summer break! Remember to remind your customers to keep ”green” toners on their shelves for the holidays.

Changed Opening Hours & Closed for Vacation in Week 29

Thursday, June 6, we will wave the Swedish flag on our National Day, and the office will be closed.
Friday, June 7, we will be open as usual.
Thursday, June 20, we will close at 12:00 to celebrate a proper Midsummer. Friday, June 21, Midsummer Eve, the office will be closed. If you want to ensure your order is processed before Midsummer, please send it to us by Thursday at 10:30 AM.

During week 29, Greenman will be closed.
This means the last chance for ordering is Friday, July 12 at 2:00 PM, with delivery reaching you or your customer on Monday or Tuesday of week 29.
You can place your orders continuously during week 29, but we will start processing them on Monday, July 22, when we reopen as usual. First in, first out.

Emelie Karlsson – Our New Inside Sales Star

Here is our delightful and cheerful new inside sales representative, Emelie.
Emelie will primarily focus on inside sales but will alsoassist with customer service when needed.
She has extensive experience from running a gas station in Norrköping for many years and has also worked in a warehouse, giving her a broad
understanding of various aspects of business operations.
Emelie lives outside Norrköping with her two teenage children and her partner. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening and spending time with her family.
Some of you have already spoken with Emelie, and she is absolutely overwhelmed by how friendly our partners are! Thank you for the warm welcome she has received 💚

Five quick questions with Emelie

  1. Your best tip for feeling good?
    Don’t have a fully booked calendar. Let your body and mind rest sometimes and take the day as it comes.
  2. Last text message?
    From La Boss Jenny at 7:52 AM: ”My parking spot is free today 💚🙌”
  3. What’s the best thing about Greenman?
    That I have the world’s kindest coworkers and that we work to reuse, feels good in the heart.
  4. What can’t you live without?
    My children ❤ but then I also need strong coffee and a snus!
  5. What do you do in your free time?
    Spend time with the ones I love and enjoy in the garden.