26 november, 2023

Greenmans Monthly Press November 2023

Jenny has the floor

Hello everyone,
First, a big and heartfelt thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful support, all the beautiful flowers, and kind words that were sent our way when our founder Jörgen, my dad, unfortunately left us atthe end of August.
It has understandably been a different time, but three months later, it’s still very reassuring to hear from many of you that our service and deliveries have been working smoothly as usual.
We continue to work with sustainability in focus. In early November, it was 32 years since the company was founded, and here we still are, and plan so remain.
I chuckled a bit earlier this year when I was at a fair with a chain and was asked by one of the former CEOs in the chain, ”What’s new this year, Jenny?” ”Well,” I said, ”we continue to focus on sustainability, this year too, but it’s great to see more joining in.” The theme of the fair was sustainability, evident in most booths where the predominant color theme was green.
Are you keeping up with the sustainability talk?
Those of you who have endured my toner discussions have probably heard me hum and play the 3 R’s by Jack Johnson. The song emphasizes Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Nowadays, those at the forefront of sustainability have also started using a fourth R, namely Repair. Soon, I’ll be picking up several pair of pants that have been fixed by a seamstress so they can last a bit longer, instead of buying new ones for myself and my children.
Last monday was Circular Monday, sustainability’s response to Black Friday. Of course, it’s great to find deals on Black Friday. Read more below about how #CircularMonday came about.
I am so proud and grateful for my colleagues here at Greenman who give their best every day to provide you with the best possible service.
Yesterday, some of us were att a lunchevent with lectures. Imagine our pride and joy when we won the Enviromental Company of the year in Norrköping. Read more below.
Thank you for trusting us to be your partner in choosing a greener alternative!
Remember, we are here for you! The Greenman team. Greenman, the Greener choice since 1991.
Now, I wish you a continued lovely November and a cozy start to Advent, which is just around the corner!

With warm regards,
Jenny Wonisch
Sales Manager about to change her signature

Greenman won environmental Company of the Year 2023

The environmental networks annually award environmental prizes. It is Norrköping’s environmental network, in collaboration with the Business and Alumni Coordinators of the Environmental Science Program at Linköping University, that has conducted interviews on this year’s theme: Reuse.
The Environmental Company of the Year is awarded to the company or organization within a specific industry or theme that has made the best efforts for the environment during the past year. The prize consists of a diploma and a monetary sum (5,000 SEK) that the company or organization should use to support the environmental
engagement of children and youth.
We were nominated togheter with Nodra, Fiskeby and Econova, three heavyweights on the sustainable scene in Norrköping.

New product in the assortment PostBase Qi3-9

It is now possible to order postage cartridges for PostBase Qi3-9.
These are sold in packs of two and are already in stock for immediate
Compatible with the following models:
Francotyp-Postalia Postbase Qi3
Francotyp-Postalia Postbase Qi5
Francotyp-Postalia Postbase Qi7
Francotyp-Postalia Postbase Qi9
Francotyp-Postalia Postbase QiX

Our article number is: FPPBQi3-9M

We introduce Niklas.

Niklas started working at Greenman even before it was called Greenman.
He is not only our warehouse manager but also the person responsible for our systems, with a passionate interest in technology, processes, and logistics. He loves to share vivid stories from his past as a competitive swimmer, trampoline jumper, musician, and the time he ran a mile very fast during military service. If you ever have some time to spare, be sure to ask him about any of these experiences.
In the past, it was common for Niklas to bring out his guitar during after-work gatherings. We hope that will happen again soon.
During his free time, Niklas enjoys spending time with his family, including his partner, two teenage daughters, Tilda and Elvira, an energetic 5-year-old named Otto, and a French Bulldog named Vera. In the summer, they often take the boat out, and when autumn arrives, they visit many secret mushroom spots, of course, GPS-tagged.

Five Quick Questions with Niklas

  1. Your best tip for well-being?
    Find a balance between work and free time.
  2. Latest SMS?
    37809229 is your OTP. Do not share it with anyone.
  3. What’s the best thing about Greenman?
    Great colleagues and rewarding tasks.
  4. What can’t you live without?
    Oh, there’s probably a lot. I can’t live without sleep
    and food.
  5. What do you do in your free time?
    Time with the family is important. Currently trying to
    satisfy my inherent curiosity by delving into AI,
    cybersecurity, innovation management, and logistics.

What is Circular Monday?

It all began in 2017 when 25-year-old Malmö resident Henning Gillberg felt that there was too much focus on indulging in discounts during Black Friday. He wondered why more people weren’t talking about more sustainable alternatives when shopping. The answer became White Monday, later transformed into Circular Monday—a kind of counteraction to all the new purchases—and takes place on the Monday before Black Friday.
During Circular Monday, the emphasis is on circular consumption, and companies are encouraged to only have offers related to second-hand items, repair services, recycling, and rentals. All items sold must be repairable or made from 100 percent recycled materials. This special day, which began to gain attention in Sweden, has now spread to 23 countries, with over 500 participating companies and organizations, referred to as ”buddies.”